Category: Fundamental News

1. Tuesday- NZD Consumer Price Index (q/q) @ 11:45pm
2. Wednesday–CAD Consumer Price Index (m/m) @ 1:30pm
3. Wednesday¬¬ ---US Retail Sales @ 1:30pm
4. Thursday-------- AUD Employment Change @ 1:30am

NEW ZEALAND CONSUMER PRICE INDEX (q/q): The New Zealand will release its consumer price index data on Tuesday. The consumer price index is expected to increase by 0.6% (q/q) which is the same figure as the prior quarter. A stronger than expected figure will strengthen the NZD whiles a weaker than expected figure will weaken the NZD.

CANADA CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: The consumer price index for Canadian dollar will be release on Wednesday. A negative figure of -0.2% is projected in September (m/m). Core CPI (y/y), which excludes the most volatile items in CPI, is projected remain unchanged at 1.7%. A better than expected figure will boost Canadian dollar while a worse than expected figure will weaken the Loonie.

US RETAIL SALES - The United States will release its data for retail sales on Tuesday. The retail sale is forecast to show a 0.3% increase in September, which is lower than the previous month data of 0.4%. The US-China trade war continues to drag on and the feebleness in the global economy is also expected to continue until trade tensions abate. A better than expected forecast will be positive for dollar while a worse than expected forecast will be negative for the greenback.

AUSTRALIA EMPLOYMENT CHANGE: The Australia will release its employment change figure on Thursday. Employment in Australia increased by 34.7k in the prior month and it's also forecast to increase again by 15k for the month of September. A worse than expected outcome will be negative for the Aussie while a better than expected outcome will be positive for the Aussie.

Published: 2019-10-15 05:49:07