Pool Account

This is an exclusive portfolio management option solely developed for clients who would like to invest in the financial market but either do not have much funds or would just simply prefer putting the cash in the companys care there-by eliminating financial investment risk totally, since there are risks that are associated with having ones personal portfolio albiet very little. This account management option offers a unique advantage to all investors. Investors can TEST and VERIFY our investment and portfolio management services without really having to invest much or risk atall. Under our pool management options our clients are totally cut off the risks associated with varying trading and investment decisions as all funds are pooled together so as to maximize concentration and strategy for optimal result in our master account.

Pool Account Talking Points

  • Funds are deposited directly with ACM Brokers which are then forwarded to our Master Account. A Platinum ECN account!
  • Investors has a Zero risk investment. Clients have access to claim their full initial investment deposit anytime upon 30 days notice.
  • Funds are Secured and Claims are assured with ACM Brokers as we are a fully regulated company.

Pool Account Talking Points

  • Minimum investment $1000 or its equivalent in your local currency
  • Zero Management fee charge.
  • Zero Commission Fee
  • 0% Investment Risk
  • Option to choose between multiple interest payment periods(90 days, 180 days, 365 days,730 days) on invested amount. No monthly payment Option
  • 30 days notification money back guarantee

>> To register for this service, kindly download our pool account form HERE. Fill in the form and send a scanned copy of the filled part to us at support@acmbrokers.com. Upon receiving this, further information would be sent to you.