What does this mean?

Private Account Multi Manager. This is a type of investment that allows an investor who does not know anything about trading the financial market to have the opportunity to make money without having to involve themselves in any kind of Financial trading. While it also allows managers to increase their earning by managing the client funds. Advantages of a PAMM Account:

PAMM Account : How does it work?

The manager is the one that creates the PAMM Account and puts in a certain amount as his initial investment for trading, that’s the Manager’s Capital. This amount is credited into the PAMM trading account so the manager can trade with the available funds anytime. Upon consistent growth of the said account while the performance would be posted on our company web page for various potential investors to see along with the managers proposal for the potential investors which will include brief details about the managers trading strategy, minimum investment the manager wants to allow and the potential profit sharing formula as compensation. This would allow the potential investor the opportunity to assess the risk performance and conditions of the manager before they subscribe to have their account managed by him/her. Please note that since the managers funds are also involved in the PAMM account which he wont be able to withdraw unless he wishes to close the PAMM. The risks and profits are shared by everyone.(Manager and Investor.):

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Client Side

  • - Any one can invest in the financial market trading.

  • - You don't have to know anything about Financial market trading

  • - You get to choose the best trading method/performance that suits you

  • - You can monitor the progress of your selected traders trades anytime.

  • - You can terminate the process anytime..

    • Managers Side
    • - An exclusive opportunity to showcase your trading prowess to the world.
    • - Opportunity to have more capital to trade.
    • - Opportunity to make more money trading there by increasing your earning.